Online Gaming

Online gaming is a multibillion-dollar industry, as more and more people are playing online. In fact, revenues from Internet games have soared to a whopping 29.3 billion in 2010, and today this amount has already been tripled.

Asia remains the gaming hotbed, with China at the top. In 2012, revenues from games shot up to a 34% increase, with online games grabbing a commanding 94% of the market. No doubt there is money in Internet games coming from the enjoyment of playing games with other players across the globe.

Types of Online Games

Internet games are available in different types. Among the most popular variants include the arcade games, strategy games, simulation games, sports games, action and adventure games, card games, and casino games, to name a few. Arcade games were made popular by the all-time favourite Pacman.

Also a popular type is the MMORPG, or the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Among the famous games under this category are the WarCraft, Tera, Rift, Guild Wars, and some Star Wars games. Also widely played are card games, with Solitaire at the lead in terms of popularity.

Casino, on the other hand, has evolved over time. It used to be limited only to the table. But now, it is abreast with the gaming trend and already playable online. This makes it easier to gain access to virtual casino tables worldwide, continuously attracting more people to start playing these games.

The first gambling game via Internet was introduced back in 1998 when Bingo was brought online, creating excitement among many players and avid Bingo fans. In the same year, Planet Poker was also launched, further stirring the casino industry. Today, casino games online come in many forms. Among the top on the list are the ever-popular roulette, online poker, video slots, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

Online Casino – How It Works

Some casino games are web-based and they are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. In fact, you can see casino here and there and make a quick play for a minute or two. But if you want more fun, you have to go to the casino site and open an account. It’s a quick and simple process that can be done in no time and with no money involved. But the enjoyment and fun is not so much in the game itself, but in the excitement of winning.

So, if you are ready to take your gaming to the next level, then you need to make an investment by placing funds in your account so that you can start placing bets on your favourite games. Fund placement can be done in many ways. You can load your account using your credit card. Likewise, you can also fund your account with Bitcoins. If you are not familiar with this, we explain Bitcoin in another post.

In any case, casino is one game online that you can play and earn money at the same time. But you have to be extra careful, as this can also lead to losses on your part. But even if you incur some losses, you can still enjoy the game. Nonetheless, games were made for sheer enjoyment. But you can take that to a new level with bets for added fun.

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